Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving, Laulu Style!!!!

Thanksgiving this year was a hard one, yet at the same time, we were able to focus on some of the positive, so that was good!

Scott decided that he was going to run the 5K Huntington City Turkey Trot. This is Sai, wishing his daddy good luck!

Something to kinda help the boys (and us grown ups too!) was to send Dad letters and pictures via ballons.

So we all drew a picture and and little notes and sent them off to dad, attatched to some ballons, and watched until dad came down from heaven and got the notes!

Actually the boys really liked the whole idea, and really liked that dad got thier pictures and letters.

Kimo and Kalani decided that they were gonna draw some of papa's favorite things, like BYU Football and Motorcycles!

Here are the boys as they watching the ballons fly away, they all lined up on the 4 wheeler, and we couldnt help but want some pictures!

And here was the elephant ride, later on after we had pie! Sai and Kalani thought it was pretty cool! I thought it ws pretty cool that Scott still had the energy to be the elephant! Let alone with Kalani on there too!

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