Sunday, December 7, 2008

Helper Light Parade

So this weekend, we as a family, we were in the 19th Annual Helper Light Parade!!! It was really fun.

We decided to do a Cancer Awareness float and called it "This Christmas, Celebrte Life" and did it in memory of my dad.

We decorated my truck with lights, and put up a tree in the back that we decorated with the different colors of ribbons that represent the different kinds of cancer. Orange is the color that represented Leukemia, so of coarse we kinda made that color a little bit bigger and brighter!

We all also wore shirts that said "Cancer Sucks" with the girls in orange and the the boys in white. Sunny made us some bright orange scarfs and got us some reindeer antlers that lite up and sang!
It was really cold, but really fun! The little boys loved it too!

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