Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tickeling Uncle Perry

So this weekend, we were at moms again, and Perry started to play rough with Kalani and Sai'peti. Well as you can see Brooke jumped in at the last minute and was tickle the most ticklish spot on Perry, his calves!!!! It was hilarious because Perry couldn't do anything because Kalani was sitting on him, and he knew that Sai was right there, and didn't want to hurt him. The boys thought getting unlce Perry like that was the best!!! It was pretty funny to see Perry suffering after seeing him tease and tickle the boys until they almost cry! Priceless!!!!
Also there was this little clip of Sai on his first mechanical horse. Sai loves the mechanical cars, so we thought that he would love the horse, but we were very wrong. He really didnt like it at all. Infact we got him off the ride way before t was over! Oh well, we will have to try it again in a while.

Finally, I took Sai to the park, and when we got there, there was no one else around, so we had the park to our selves. It was a good thing cuz Sai decided that he liked to throw the sand! I think he just likes to do anything that I tell him not too! But he is still cute!!!

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