Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keeping busy at moms!

So we have been crazy busy. Mostly just working on Mom's house, but hopefully it will be coming to an end here soon. I am hoping maybe only a couple more weeks.
It all started with Bec needing to make some extra money, and asking mom if there was anything she could do for her for some extra cash. Well mom said that she would pay her to take down the entry way wall paper. Well that turned into needing the entry way painted, and if we were going to paint the entry way, we would need to paint the living room, which lead to the dining room. Them mom got the bright idea to paint an accent wall, and with that she wanted to get new furniture. Well of coarse couldn't get new furniture that clashed with the old carpet, and why would we get new carpet without getting the kitchen flooring done. Well then we had to tear off the molding, and after we replaced that, what the heck, why don't we throw up some casing for the doors upstairs, and why not some crown molding for the entire upstairs, just to give it that finished touch! LOL! Not to mention the wall that I had to take out downstairs so we could fit the upstairs furniture downstairs, to make room for the new furniture! (Actually that was probably the funnest thing out of all the work we had been doing, Perry and I love the demolition part!) But if anyone who knew what mom & dad's house looked like, it does not look anything like it did 3 weeks ago. We are almost finished putting up the crown molding (which has turned out to be a pain in the butt because of the angles that throw us off!) and hopefully next week we will be able to frame in the door and the corner that i need to replace that we took out downstairs to Perry's room. But I will get some new pics on here to show off all of our hard work! But it actually has come along really nice, and looks amazing! And mom says that she loves it, and that is what counts!

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