Sunday, October 26, 2008


We started dialysis today! Dad’s liver just isn’t doin well at all and will not work, therefore making hard for the kidneys to work at all, and all of the toxins are building up in his blood making him feel like he has the worst flu ever, and also making him disoriented! For those of you that don’t know what dialysis is, it is where they pump your blood through a machine and filter out all of the bad toxins, and just put back in the good stuff. The bad thing with that is that dialysis makes you very tired, and just worn out.
The doctors are still trying to out smart his body, but so far they are having no luck, and it seems that dad just keeps getting sicker and sicker. Hopefully we will know more of what is going on tomorrow or the next day. His body just will not respond to the chemo therapy and they are not sure just what it will respond to. Dad is still fighting though, so that is a good sign!

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Reid and Laura said...

Two blogs, you're good!! Your poor dad, I hope you keep your spirits high. I have a neice that just finished dialysis from e-coli. She'd been in the hospoital for 2 months. NOT FUN. LOVED the dance from Parry. I still wont forget his singing on tape. Is he in the family choir?? :)