Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big Weekend at Huntsmans!!!

So it was a big weekend at the hospital this weekend!LOTS of family came out to show some support! Dad wasnt able to visit with a lot of them! Best of all, Gramma and Papa Laulu came with Aunty Sulika and Uncle Joe. It was really good to see them! We were also able to visit with family from Salt Lake, St. George, American Fork, California, and even Hawaii! Aunty Tuaoi came and even brought some Pulini (a samoan dessert) and snuck some in to dad, and he LOVED IT! Saturday, all of us kids (Me, Scott, Sai'peti, Malia, Jim, Kimo, Mateo, Rebecca, Jason, Kalani, Perry & Brooke!) came to celebrate dad's 57th birthday. Dad celebrated by getting Chemo, while all the kids and mom ate! Yeah we are a bunch of fat kids! Sunday, Perry and I stuck around, to keep mom company, and visit with more family! Some of the family has a singing group, and they came by to sing for dad, and did a wonderful job! But you know us, we are always beng crazy! After everyone left, we convinced Perry to do the Thizzle Dance for us, and we cracked up BIG TIME!

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