Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday . . . Gooooo Saints!!!!

Our family got together for Super Bowl, but you can see who had the most Super Bowl Spirit! They were the winners!!! Brookey's T-shirt was the best!!! I loved it! Even more I loved her pants! I swear we should have had her be the half time entertainment instead of . . . who??? I love you Brookey!!!!

Here is My True Son!!!! So while we were cooking dinner, I was of coarse out on the deck using the deep fryer, wearing . . . you guessed it shorts, flip flops and a hoody! Pretty soon here comes my son asking if he can play outside while I am out there. I told him he would have daddy help him get some shoes on, and to get a coat. now keep in mind I told him to ask daddy to help in hopes that Dad would either put a stop to him coming outside or he would atleast put some pants and shoes and socks on him. Nope . . . Sai dissapears for a few minutes, and then reappears with his crocs on, no socks and a heavy winter coat! Shorts, summer sandels, a tank top and a heavy coat!!!! Im raising us a true polynesian!!! Love it!

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