Monday, January 19, 2009

Its already been a month...

Today was kind of a hard day, but a good day! Today is the 1 month mark of my nephew dying.
It started out with Kalani coming by to spend the day with us, and a Dr appointment for Sai to check up on this new set of tubes. From there we picked up Perry and took him home to SLC. There we went to lunch, where my son was a complete holy terror, and then to Lowes to search for some solar powered tiki torches (which we were so glad to find!!!) and them off to Petsmart, to get some new fish for Sai and Scott. Sai's was two little fish named One Eyes Willie, and Mo (short for Mohawk, curiosity of Kalani). And Scott's were feeder gold fish for his pond!
When we got home, we went as a family to the grave site of my dad and Mateo, and Malia bought some balloons and tied them to one of Mateo's bikes, and Scott and I put the tiki torches on the graves, and Malia wanted us to sing a little song together. It is hard to watch Malia and Jim, and I would do anything to take away their pain, but there is really nothing we can do, but be as supportive as we can.

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